Your number one choice for our MP


Tom Morrison is your number one choice for Cheadle’s next MP.

He lives locally in Cheadle Village with his wife Carla, has the experience to win and is a passionate campaigner on Brexit, the NHS and on action against poverty.

Many local Lib Dem members are backing Tom as their first preference for Cheadle Liberal Democrats’ next MP.

Your local choice

Tom lives locally with his wife Carla, works hard with the local Lib Dem team across the constituency and volunteers for a local charity. Tom understands the issues in Cheadle and will be a strong local voice for its residents. He is best place to beat the absent Tory MP.

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Your experienced choice

Tom has a lot of experience for someone who is only 36! He has the experience to win Cheadle back for the Lib Dems. He has a track record of leading winning campaigns and is a proven fundraiser. Tom will build the biggest campaign in Cheadle’s history..

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Your energetic choice

Tom is a passionate and energetic campaigner on issues such as Brexit, the NHS and action on poverty. His upbringing has given him first-hand knowledge of the difficulties many families face across Cheadle and will carry on the good work of Mark Hunter and Patsy Calton.

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Tom and Carla Market

Tom lives in Cheadle with his wife Carla, where he is an active member of the local Liberal Democrats.


Tom’s Experience

Tom has experience of fighting campaigns across the country.