About Tom


Tom Morrison

The son of a voluntary sector worker and an actor, Tom grew up in a small market town with his mother, Kate and brother, Luke.

It was at around the age of 15 that he became politically active after volunteering for a Liberal Democrat councillor. Cllr David Bruce was blind and Tom helped him canvass his ward and assisted him in collecting casework from residents.

Tom’s passion for social justice grew as he witnessed first-hand the harmful policies of both Labour and Conservative governments. In order to support her children through school, Tom’s mother had to work two jobs to keep food on the table and the house warm. But it was by no means an unhappy childhood and it was from his mother that he learned the values of community, work and responsibility that he holds dear to this day.

After graduating from university with a degree in sociology and politics, Tom worked for the Liberal Democrats, first as an organiser in Liverpool and then as a campaign manager and adviser to Sir Nick Clegg. Following this, he was promoted to run campaigns across the Midlands where he ran huge fundraising and membership engagement plans for the party.

Tom now works in communications and has advised some of the most well-known companies and organisations in the country. Outside of his professional life, Tom volunteers with a local charity that supports those suffering from addiction and is also a mentor for the Campaign for Gender Balance, an organisation dedicated to helping elect more women into parliament.

Tom is a passionate campaigner on issues such as brexit, the NHS, human rights and drug reform. Citing his father’s struggle and eventual death from alcohol abuse, Tom says that the political cowardice of the establishment towards tackling the UK’s addiction problem is one of the reasons he joined the Liberal Democrats, a party he believes is showing true leadership on this issue.

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