An energetic community activist with a track record of leading winning campaigns

Tom Morrison in Bramhall

A former city councillor, parliamentary candidate and political adviser, Tom Morrison, has a track record of leading winning campaigns.

He has successfully fought campaigns to save a children’s hospital burns unit, save a sure start centre from council cuts and led a campaign to save a listed park from developers.

Tom is a passionate and energetic community activist who understands what it takes to build and lead a winning team.

A voice for social justice

Tom is a passionate campaigner on issues such as brexit, the NHS, human rights and action on poverty. His upbringing has given him first-hand knowledge of the difficulties many families face across the UK and he is a strong voice for social justice.

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A winning campaigner

A former city councillor and political adviser, Tom has a track record of leading winning campaigns, fundraising and building election-winning teams across the country. He now manages communications for one of the biggest companies in the North of England.

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An energetic activist

Outside of his professional life, Tom volunteers with charities and is a mentor for the Campaign for Gender Balance, an organisation dedicated to helping elect more women into parliament. He is also responsible for membership engagement for his local party.

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Tom lives in Cheadle with his wife Carla, where he is an active member of the local Liberal Democrats.

Tom has experience of fighting campaigns across the country.